Nouvelles emplettes/newly bought


Quel déception ce tour dans les charity shop samedi dernier! Tellement nul que je vous mets avec ça d’autres livres que je ne vous avais pas encore montré d’une précédente acquisition.


Pour le Daphne du Maurier, c’est très bien car ça me permet d’agrandir encore ma collection de cette auteure.

Ajouté à ça qui ne figure pas sur la photo :

Dolly by Susan Hill

How to be a good wife by Emma Chapman (Kindle)

Little women by Louisa May Alcott (Kindle) que je voudrai relire


Newly bought

What a disappointment my last charity shop run!So rubbish actually that I couple two runs together and Kindle stuff.



For the Daphne du Maurier, it is brilliant as I can add it to my collection of her.

Otherwise, others that are not in the picture :
Dolly by Susan Hill

How to be a good wife by Emma Chapman (Kindle)

Little women by Louisa May Alcott (Kindle) that I would like to re-read.

6 réflexions sur “Nouvelles emplettes/newly bought

  1. At least you have a charity shop. And probably a choice of more than one or two.

    Yes, we have a day off here today and I know you are missing le muguet, but we have no second-hand bookshops selling books in English here, the English bookshop used to sell a few, but they got rid of them and went international instead, offering books in Italian, Chinese, Russian, Swedish, German – oh well.

    • This is true. If I was to live back in France I would miss charity shops a lot.
      So where do you find your books then, on internet? Would you like me to find you some books that you want?

      • Actually, I often come to London for work and it used to be a priority to visit an Oxfam shop, but since I started this blog, I discovered that I can request books via NetGalley and have become known by a few publishers, a wonderful reward for writing about something we love. I also have too many unread books on the shelf and also swap books with friends often. The library is pretty good too, they have a few shelves of English books and you can make a request for them to buy a new title. When I lived in London, it was one of my favourite leisure activities, to visit the charity shop bookshelves and the book I wanted always turned up eventually.

        Thank you so kindly for offering, but I think I have too many to read already. 🙂

      • ok I fully understand about having too many books to read 😉
        It is one of my « days out » as well to visit all the charity shops of one town every three months or so.
        The offer is there anyway, in case, I’m here!

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